Complex Personal Injury

Complex Personal Injury

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Personal Injury from the negligence and wrongdoing of others happens in the normal course of our lives

Whether it relates to the vehicles we drive, the pharmaceuticals we take or the products we use, the results of defective products and negligence can be devastating. Under product liability laws, consumers have the right to assume that the products they use are safe and reliable.  When a product fails or negligence occurs and causes injury or death, a consumer may have the right to file a claim against a number of responsible parties.  Some types of injury cases can be extremely complex.  For instance, product defects can arise in a number of situations including defects in design, defects in manufacturing, or where a manufacturer fails to warn consumers of dangers associated with use of the product.  As a result, injured persons need a competent and skilled attorney that can accurately and efficiently assess all the potential liabilities associated with the situation and select the best path for success, whether that involves straightforward liability claims, negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty, or even fraud.

Below are just a few of the reasons why we consistently achieve successful outcomes in even the most complex personal injury and wrongful death cases:

  • We Intentionally Limit Our Caseload: Many attorneys take on far too many cases to devote sufficient time to any one client. With an overloaded schedule, these attorneys might overlook critical evidence or even advise a client to accept an unfair settlement in lieu of going to trial. At Jerry Taylor Law, we intentionally limit our caseload to ensure clients receive the individual attention they deserve.  We will be readily accessible when you have questions and will provide you with regular updates on the progress of your claim.
  • We Tailor Our Strategies to the Circumstances: Each personal injury case is unique. The kinds of evidence used, the types of damages pursued, and the tactics employed during settlement negotiations are critical to success. 
  • We Help Our Clients Avoid Mistakes: Even after you hire an attorney, your statements and actions can still impact the outcome of your case. We will help you avoid critical errors that might jeopardize your claim. For example, we will explain the importance of limiting your social media activity, avoiding all dialogue with the insurance company, and tracking your damages.


Will It Be Necessary to File a Lawsuit?

Hopefully not. The ideal outcome of most personal injury cases is to win a settlement without having to file suit. We will pursue this goal by compiling all available evidence and approximating a fair settlement figure based on relevant statutes, case law, and the facts of your situation. In some cases we will join with strategic partners to achieve success, where it is in the best interest of the client to do so.  If the opposing party refuses to pay a reasonable settlement, a lawsuit will be filed.

Sometimes just filing a lawsuit is enough to convince the opposing party to settle. If this does not happen, your case will proceed to discovery. There are several stages to litigation, so just because you file a lawsuit does not mean your case will go to trial. In fact, more than 90 percent of personal injury cases do not go to trial. Despite this, it is still essential that you hire an attorney with trial experience. This will send a message to the defense that you have the means to see your case through to the end if they refuse to cooperate.

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