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Estate Planning

Beneficiary Designations: Important in Estate Planning

Vanguard has sent me a beneficiary designation verification letter. For the primary beneficiary, it says it will be the person I am married to at the time of my death. For the secondary beneficiary, it says, my descendants “per stirpes.” I have one child. Should the beneficiary designation include his name?

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Everyone needs a will
Estate Planning

Everyone Needs a Will

A will is a legal document, governed by the laws of each state, written to guarantee that your possessions will be left upon your death to the people or organizations you specify.

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Larry King's handwritten will
Celebrity Estates

Larry King’s Handwritten Will Contest

The press has made much of the handwritten will that Larry King executed in the months before he died and in which he purports to change his prior will executed in 2015, to leave his estate equally between his children.

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estate tax
Estate Planning

Estate Tax: Changes are Coming.

Under current rules, the federal estate tax won’t ever affect you, unless you’re quite wealthy. However, that could change rapidly, even if you are far from rich.

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